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CryingPorn previews the many exclusive crying orgasm videos and sex stories that can be found on the Crygasm website along with HD crying sex videos and quality high-res crying model pictures for you to enjoy. Crying Porn is all about the beauty of emotional orgasms that combine physical pleasure with passionate release to cause a cathartic sexual response beyond the limits of any other. Crying Pornstars, strippers, escorts, models and playmates give the best performances of their careers as part of the famous Crying Porn collection!

Fresh Faced Natasha Nice Has Her First Crygasm

Fresh Faced Natasha Nice Has Her First CrygasmAll natural brunette Natasha Nice has never experienced a crying orgasm before. Today she's working herself up to one with a powerful scene that's going to send your pulse sky-rocketing to the moon as you witness her emotional clarity and heartfelt orgasmic satisfaction.

Working her hot slit with her fingers and toys, Natasha moans and grunts with gusto, she actually wanted to be a horror movie actress, so her voice box is well in tune for getting loud! Watch as she taps into those lost dreams to pull off an incredible crying orgasmic release that she's sure to want to repeat again from the look on her face!

Crygasm Erotic Story - Exact Change - Part Two

Crygasm Erotic Story - Exact Change - Part TwoAnyway, the bus pulls up and the doors open with a gush of warm air blowing in my face. As I stepped up onto the bus I started sorting through the change in my hand and realized I was a dime short. I had bills from my tips and whatnot but they have this big sign right as you get on the bus that says 'Exact Change Only'. This was the last bus out to my place that night and there is no way I would call my ex-husband for another ride after what happened the last time… hell, I’d rather walk home in the snow than call him again.

“What’s up buttercup?” the driver asked as I hesitated on the bus steps.

“I’m short a dime, you don’t have change for a dollar do ya?”

“Actually no, I don’t carry any cash with me on the route since a couple other drivers got held up for pocket money a few weeks ago” he replied.

Then a strange voice from a few rows back on the bus spoke up “I’ve got exact change for ya missy” he squawked as he started walking toward the Fee Box. He dropped in some change and sat back down, looking at me with this weird look in his eye. I said thanks and sat down on the bench across the aisle from the one he was on.

“My name is Manny” he whispered with a grin as he got up from his bench and sat down next to me on mine. I got that strange feeling I get in the bar when a guy is going to try something creepy… he didn’t ask if he could sit next to me, he just assumed he could do whatever he wanted. “What’s your name?” he hissed as he slid his arm along the back of my seat and rested his hand on the other side of where I was sitting.

“Nice to meet you Manny” I said in a soft calm voice, “If you don’t mind I’m going to…” my voice muted and my eyes widened as I saw him pull his jacket aside to show me the gun he had sticking out of his waistband. When I looked up I could see fire in his eyes. He wasn’t smiling or frowning, just kind of expressionless as he blurted out loud “How much longer til we get to our stop?”

Emotional Orgasms On DDF Network

Emotional Orgasms On DDF NetworkYou know a good fuck when you see one, especially when the Female Pornstars are left crying because they came so good. The DDF Network always makes sure their sexy models are well taken care of and often you will see them shed a tear in the height of their orgasmic bliss. With over 12,000 videos loaded to date, there is something for everyone on this outstanding collection of smut sites. From big tits to anal, lesbian sex and BDSM play the DDF Network always provides high quality porn that will keep your cock happy for hours.
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